Speedin’ up the registration

Wanna help our staff to speed up the registration process?

On your arrival at the assembly area, make sure you know the number of your bib(s) and ask for them at the registration desk, simply saying your number(s). Papers with bib numbers sorted by surname-name (like this) will be displayed on a panel at the assembly: have a look at them, before going to the registration desk, to make sure you know your bib number(s).

If you still haven’t paid your entry fee, ask for your receipt, too!

Public transport strike on friday 12th

Please be informed that on friday 12th october public trasport is on strike from 8.30am until 5pm and from 8pm on.

The action will affect Rome’s buses, trams, metro and light rail services Roma-Lido, Roma-Viterbo and Termini-Centocelle.